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Washington Massage Practitioner License # MA00003277

Member of AMTA since 1986

Certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

Personally, when I go to a new personal service provider, I like to know a little bit about how they think and whether we will be a good fit to work together.  As a curious individual and constant seeker of knowledge, my history will reveal that I have been and will continue to be a lifelong student of finding the best ways to help my fellow humans to live amazing, vibrant, fruitful, and joy-filled lives. I also believe my well-rounded multi-faceted fields of endeavor uniquely qualify me to identify what may be creating problems for you.

You may skip the rest of this page if you don’t need this type of information, but if you like to get to know your provider, read on…


I grew up wanting to help people.  I was the ‘go to’ kid in the neighborhood and in school who was most likley to think outside the box, try to help others and deeply feel the pain in other’s lives.   I also was gifted with intuition and touch.  When I reached a point in life of needing to support myself, there was not really training available for massage work and it had not respectfully been elevated out of the ‘red light’ district.  So, I chose a secondary love, working to make people feel better about how they looked.

After a successful beginning career as a cosmetologist at Cutters salon in Greenlake, I began my first entrepreneurial voyage with my own salon, Hair For You (1980 – 1983)  in the Greenlake area. I took a sidestep into the restaurant environment on Orcas Island working first a contract baker of my signature Apple Dumplings and Mince Tarts, then learning all stations of the operation of the bungalow Restauranat in Eastsound. Trying to salvage a home demolished by renters, I moved back to Seattle in 1983 and realized a real estate career was the wrong move for me.  I secured a position in an insurance conglomerate cafeteria and was offered the opportunity to purchase a Bio-Therapeutic Computer, with which I could do face and body ‘toning lifts’ under my cosmetology licensure, however, if I were licensed to work on the body, I would be able to use it to assist muscular relaxation.

With this adittional incentive, I determined to find massage training with the prospect of helping more people,  I commenced study at Brenneke School of Massage in Seattle and received my license as a massage practitioner in Washington State in March 1986.  While recovering from a foot injury,  I’d seen little gem of a salon languishing along the Bothell Everett Hwy and for sale in the Sunday newspaper.  I knew I could polish it into a diamond with a little effort and some luck, and there was a potential office next door for my potential massage business.  I bought the salon in early 1985, updated it while finishing my massage training.   It was a great salon and all the stylists that worked there were as stellar as the clients.

However, some things are just not destined to work out the way we plan. I was unable to acquire the space next to the salon for my massage work.  I had initially opened Therapeutic Massage Clinic with two classmates in Kenmore, WA, in 1986, then worked in the offices of Dr. Matthew Snyder, DC in Mill Creek, WA (1987- 1988) until opening my private clinic in downtown Bothell, WA., while concurrently owning and operating The Hair Express in Bothell, WA.  I loved the salon business, but keeping two businesses running was a little more than I could manage at the time.  So, I sadly let The Hair Express go to another owner, and focused on my Bothell massage practice.

I moved the Therapeutic Massage Clinic to my home studio in 1990, after a second time the soggy ceiling collapse had flooded the office portion of my clinic.   An injury to my neck in 1992 and a surgery that went wrong put me on the sidelines for nearly three years.  It was during this time that I began developing the CARE Approach, more as a way to heal myself as the medical profession had exhausted their limited imaginations and given up, trying to label me with lifelong maladies including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.  I was able to effect healing and pain release that allowed me to return to work, but not soon enough.

Moving to the Everett area in 1994 a result of losing my home due to the injury and inability to work, I took a training course at BCTI, for computer and business training which landed me no jobs.  I applied and was hired to open a brand new ‘fast service chop shop kind of salon in Monroe, whose launch was so poorly planned, and poorly manned that myself and several others decided to leave before the ship sank.  I changed directions once again and using my business experience, took a job for Custom Sales in 1995 and remained there as the office manager/ bookkeeper / human resource advocate until 1999 when I left to return to my first love, massage, and rented space at Barclay’s Hair Design in 1999 and also rented a room in  Effects Salon in Bellevue.  I took classes in ear coning, aromatherapy and advanced therapeutic formula creation, where I met Jodi O’Neil, owner of O’Neils Herbal Apothecary in Kent, WA who later would be instrumental in my eventual journey southward in the Puget Sound region providing bodywork and the beginnings of my personal style of bodywork.

It was during this very uncertain time in my life that I accepted a position caring for a gentleman in Seattle who had suffered a brain injury.  It was a lifeline at the time and I remain there today, now 13 years later.

I eventually opened my own Studio in Titusville Station as Mission of the Heart… therapy for Your Body and Soul in 2003. There I practiced massage therapy, honing my skills in my signature bodywork method, the Client Assisted Retraining Engram (CARE) Approach©,.  I began my training in Foundations of Functional Nutrition, and provided personalized ‘aroma-therapeutic’ formulas to assist the healing process begun with the therapy.  I  was certified in Natural Force Healing in 2002 after 4 years of training, retraining and finally completely healing my own body. I integrated this unique form of Vibrational Energy Healing, maximizing the results for my clients.

I was able during this time to bring my health to an incredible maximum level and even flew to Rockfield, IL to attend a co-trainee’s entry into the bodybuilding competition for that region.  As I had just turned 50 years old, I saw huge potential for my future as a healthy, vibrant, muscularly fit woman of action.  Now, what was that I said about plans?

Things are never dull in my life …

In November 2005 I severely sprained and tore my right ankle.  Two days later, on my way to my night shift, I was hit by a racing driver and sustained serious neck and back injuries that once more put me on the bench.  I was still able to do my job, but  I watched my body fail, my weight return and depression set in as continual pain and restriction began its relentless assault on my body.  I closed my Kent location after trying to maintain a spotty clientele that had faded off during my absence and remodeled my large garage into my studio and constructed the Healing Cottage in 2006 with its grand opening during the first snows of January 2007.  Some of my faithful clientele kept coming and I picked up new clients as time went on/ After several years,  It was becoming more difficult to do my work even with the minimal effort required by my  CARE Approach©  system.  I realized I would likely need a less physically impacting profession and still desiring to help people live better lives I began searching for career direction.

It was truly divine providence that guided me to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Program for training as a Holistic Health Coach. this program not only trained me as a health coach, it restored me to a condition of health and hope.  I completed certification in Holistic Health Coaching from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in March 2012  and after prodding by my products rep, I took the official course that was created out of the professional Foundations of Functional Nutrition course I took in 2005 and was certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in June 2012.  At present, I am in the process of working toward teaching both Nutritional Therapy and an exciting new work, called TS Line Assessment and Bloodless Surgery/Visceral Manipulation.  This is the most effective and specific non-invasive technique allowing me to partner with you as you engage in the journey to wellness.

I have recently gained certification in Master Life Coaching.

I am a certified member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Currently, my practice is located in my Studio and Healing Cottage in Tacoma WA providing a serene and focused environment to provide excellent therapy and confidential coaching.

I encourage you to set up your first 30-minute consultation and start your healing journey. whether your goal is losing weight, developing self-confidence, launching a business, learning to cook healthy meals, or designing the dream life you abandoned long ago, I am here to help you reach that goal.

You may contact me by email at  mothwoman1@gmail.com

or thehlw@gmail.com

or by Phone 206-713-2298  If I do not answer, please leave a message and I will return your call within 24 hours.

Feel free to check out my other websites

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