Nutritional Therapy

What is Nutritional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro Testing?

 A nutritional evaluation involves first an initial consultation to sort out what the problems might be and when and where they got started.  You will fill out an initial consultation form stating your main health concerns, such as weight loss, skin problems, low energy, insomnia, etc.,  and we will determine a course of action.

When you decide to commit and move forward, you will be given a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire to either fill in by hand or you may choose to complete the online version.  When completed and submitted either via the online program or by snail mail, I will evaluate your results based on your answers to each of the questions to discover how your symptoms and your answers relate.  You will also complete a 3 day food journal of your ‘regular daily’ eating and drinking and we’ll meet to go over all your results.   The next step in the process is the functional exam, which utilizes well-known medically documented, physical reflex points in the body to gain accurate information about how your body systems are performing.  The Lingual – Neuro Testing calls into play the innate intelligence of your body as we test supplements against the reflex points to determine which nutrient quiets the reflex.  This has proven to be one of the most powerful methods to pinpoint correct actions toward balancing your body chemistry and bringing your nutrition to peak performance levels.  I always advocate the ingestion of pure clean water, whole fresh fruits and vegetables, and pastured, cage-free and organically raised animals, poultry and wild-caught fish whenever possible. I will teach you how to read labels if you don’t already know how to sort out the bad from the good.

Balanced, Healthy, Delicious Meals leave you feeling satisfied and feed the gut bacteria so that you no longer feel that gnawing hunger or experience cravings.  Once you establish those new eating habits and incorporate the simple changes, your body will be so grateful you won’t recognize yourself with all your new energy and tuned body.

My underlying belief is that taking care of the whole body from the inside out is tantamount to a successful outcome. While I do not require you to utilize my professional line of Biotics Research NW®, or NutraBio-Genesis® supplements or other products, I endeavor to provide the best product possible at all times.  I recommend professional products as better results are achieved through the use of high-quality supplements.  As research is released, products are updated and information provided. Results may be less favorable when using commercial supplements.

There is nothing better for the body than REAL FOOD, Really!

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