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Here you find the opportunity to explore those restrictions that keep you from experiencing your life with passion and purpose allowing you to move forward with confidence and creativity.  No judgement, no criticism, just compassionate guidance and gentle nudging to help you unfold that unique blossom of possibilities that lies waiting inside to be released. Kari has many tools with which you can give your life ease, get your career moving, heal your relationship with your past present and future self, other people, wealth, success and your physical body and environment.  Imagine your purpose fulfilled and find your passion rediscovered. The possibilities are endless and exciting!

Where the Work is Painless and the Results are Priceless
The Healing Cottage…
Where the Work is Painless and the Results are Priceless

The Healing Cottage

Kari created this sacred space where your body can find relief, your mind can find rest, your emotions find a safe place for release as your spirit finds regeneration and renewal.

During your time at Mission of the Heart you are treated with compassion, concern and respect for the wholeness of your being. The individualized bodywork you receive is a technique developed and refined over Kari’s 28 years as a healer, coach, and body-worker. There is no need to create more pain in an already stressed body and those gentle therapeutic skills  minister to your physical body as well as your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

For more information about Kari’s  unique Comprehensive Body Feedback System©  and Client Assisted Release Engram or CARE Approach© method for Unwinding your Body for Rapic Relief, or for a full explanation of the Nutritional and Functional Evaluation and Lingual-Neuro Testing, please browse the website pages.  When you are ready to commence living fully and embracing your life with more flexibility, vibrancy and optimal health, call and schedule your free 35 minute initial consultation.

Other Services Offered

Some of the many services available at Mission of the Heart are Intuitive Clearing and Bodywork, Personal Life and Busienss Coaching, Energy Healing, Ear Coning (Tacoma Studio only), Weight Management and Nutritional Coaching, Facial and Body Toning (Tacoma Studio Only) through the use of micro-current, and scalp and facial massage (not to be confused with facials).

I also am happy to schedule home visits to determine if there are fundamental issues with your living or working environment that may be affecting your health, pantry clean-out and restocking for your upgraded healthy food management plan, as well as assisting you with proper Feng Shui in your home or office including Dowsing to discover any disturbances in the energy levels of your home or office and guiding you on activations to address those blockages or energetic issues.

You may reach me by sending email to or you may

Phone and leave a message  at  206-713-2298 

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