Holistic Integrative Health Coaching

Holistic Integrative Health Coaching

Aren’t you weary of searching your closet for clothes that fit and searching your conscience for the answer to why you just haven’t been able to take control of your eating?  I know I was… then I found the value of having a health coach to guide me through the maze of information.  I was fortunate that working with my health coach was part of my educational training through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®.  And it was much easier to sort out the why, rather than always focusing on the  food.  There is no single ‘right’ diet or food management plan that will be a perfect fit for every body. We are all complex beings who need to work within our own bio-individuality.  And honestly, it not really usually about the food.  My further training with the Nutritional Therapy Association® gave me additional tools with which we can discover more specifically which of your systems are compromised and determine a very individualized course of action to get you your desired results.

Your first consultation is free, so why not call today.  We can even have our first session over the phone, or via Skype, if distance is an issue for you.  it’s great to work in person, but just as effective to use our modern services.  If you are ready to make that commitment to your own health and freedom from the jail cell of justification, don’t waste another day.  CALL 206-713-2298



Real Food,  Real Health,  Really! 

This salad with the exception of the egg and avocado came straight from my garden and greenhouse onto the plate. A splash of Mixed EFA Oils (Biotics Research NW) and a little lemon juice from Mother Nature and dinner was amazingly fresh, simple and healthy.  Low cost, too!

Co-Inspirational Lifestyle Management Coaching

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self discovery and inspired action?  Life is short, you must grab the day and squeeze every ounce of juice from it that will quench your thirst for personal growth and confidently propelled forward momentum.  Do you have life patterns that keep getting you ‘nearly there’ or ‘almost what you want’?  Do you sell out on your dreams choosing safety instead?  Are you really afraid of failure?  Or are you really afraid of success?

My job as your coach is to ask you the hard questions and let you come up with your own answers. My job is to challenge you to be your best version of yourself; to cheer you on when the mountain seems too steep, and most importantly, to hold you accountable for your decisions, without  judgement, and especially not letting you backtrack without looking at why you are hedging on your planned actions.  We all need help sometimes in life.  Having someone who can help guide us toward clarity and true purpose can be a priceless gift we give ourselves.  AND YOU ARE WORTH IT!   My desire is to see you fully inspired into action that breaks through your perceived barriers and brings you to successful outcomes in whatever areas of your life are not working just now.

Your first consultation is free.  The rest of your life unfulfilled can be an expensive price to pay for want of sorting out your differences with your soul’s desires.  Listen to that small voice inside and give it credence for knowing what will make you feel joy every minute of every day.  There is no dream too big to come true.  You were given the dream, so you must also have been given the ability to make it come true.  And I know with every fiber of my being that you can do it!  I am here to help.

Don’t spend another day in Indecision.  Call for your Initial Consultation  206-713-2298

This service is available in my  Tacoma Studio or Sessions can be done by phone or Skype

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