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These are unedited or slightly edited email excerpts from some of my satisfied clients:

received 9/26/2013 after a session on 9/8/2013 From Susan F. BC, Canada

Hi Kari,

I think I have given it enough time to stop working and for my body to go back
to what it was like before wonder-woman worked on me.

“I am ecstatically able to inform you that I am just as good as as the day I
left Lacey.
I have been doing the towel exercises and feel great for most of the day, I
really don’t notice my neck unless I do a quick sharp shoulder check but even
that is getting better.
I forgot to do the exercise one day and felt wretched all day, I thought the
magic was wearing off until I remembered that I had not done the exercise, with
trepidation the next day I did them and I was back on track, I hadn’t ruined
your good work.

You were right about my foot too. I can now keep my foot on the clutch without
the pain – I still want to get an automatic though.

Here are my events of the accident in May.

May 5th ’13  I was at a full stop just past when I was hit from behind by a car, I was a far enough distance from the car in front so did not hit it. As I drove to Issaquah I had a slight ache in my neck but otherwise felt okay.

The next two days were normal but on the third I was woken with terrible pains in
my head and could not move my head from the pillow, it  was 5 am.
I had to use my hand to lift my head up off the pillow and found I had great
trouble moving about due to my neck being unmovable.
I went to the doctors first thing and was prescribed strong medication and told
to go to a physio and massage therapist as soon as possible which I did do.
I have had both treatments every week sometimes twice a week there after. It
came to a point that the physio treatment had plateaued and it was suggested I
stop, this I did. Massage treatment continued but was basically ineffective in
my getting any better.

Then along came you and your treatment and after one session I was so much
better it was amazing.  I stopped the massage treatment and will come down to you if I need to have another session.  I am sure I shall benefit further from another, I will contact you soon to make a date.
I have been sitting here at the computer typing for over 30 minutes, only now
has my neck started to complain so I will finish.

I thank my lucky stars that you were able to help me every day, your ears must
burn because I tell everyone I can about the amazing treatment you performed on
You have perfected a method of treatment that should be taught everywhere.

Thankyou so much for giving me my life back.

Take care of yourself…………….thinking of you …….Susan

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