Bodywork and Massage

What kind of Bodywork do you do?

While I employ a variety of methods and techniques, we generally begin with  my CARE© Approach method and go forward from there. Through many years of training and working with clients, I developed a system of therapeutic release work called the Client Assisted Re-Mobilization Engram © that is unique in its approach and effectiveness.  You are in control of much of the session as we explore limitations and restrictions that contribute to your lack of movement or flexibility. It is the goal of the session to help you understand what issues might lie behind the holding pattern. We work with all aspects of your ‘Inner and Outer Self” to reach successful improvement.

Specialized soothing release for your hands and feet

In my previous life as a Hairstylist, I spent long hours behind the styling chair, and did the same working in the kitchen of the Bungalow restaurant on Orcas Island.  One thing I know from an upfront and personal standpoint is aching feet and hands.  Working as a massage therapist, I listen to the complaints of many clients who are on their feet for long hours or do tedious, long hours of computer work.  I have developed a special therapeutic release for the feet and hands that will make you feel like you are walking on new feet in brand new, broken-in shoes and your hands will feel like they have spent 2 hours in a spa bath with warm fizz balls and hours of massage.  My unique approach brings movement back to jammed up joints and flexibility to the frustrated soft tissues of those overworked and so under-appreciated feet and hands. A 30 minute session leaves you feeling like you just had a full massage.  The only thing that can make it better is if you include a face massage as well.  My clients say they feel taller, more stable and totally relaxed and rejuvenated after their foot and hand sessions.

How do I set up an appointment?

You may phone 206-713-2298 to set up your first appointment or email me at  I try to return all calls within a 24 hour time frame. Before your visit, you will have received a questionnaire to complete. When you arrive, we will look at your current issues, talk about your history, and about what’s going on in your world. Once we have gone over the form and gotten all the details covered we will decide the best plan for your journey to wellness based on your needs and health assessment.

What happens during my Initial Consultation?

We will discuss potential approaches and you will learn how you can partner in your own successful outcome.  Once we agree on the plan of action we will set a time to begin our work.  Your initial 35 minute consultation is free of charge and gives each of us the opportunity to see if working together is a good fit.  If it is not, I have other resources to whom I can refer you.  If you are considering bodywork, I will give you a 5-10 minute specific session of the CARE Approach© to see if it is comfortable for you.  We will then discuss which is the best program to achieve the most rapid and lasting result.

Is the CARE Approach© a painful type of therapy?

Generally not. We work within your body’s innate intelligence field to determine where it is willing to go, then once we release that point, we go to the next level and let the body adapt to the new level of movement. I believe that when we respect the body’s messages to stop before going any further, a sense of trust is formed and the body’s intuition takes over letting restrictions dissolve, often without any pain whatsoever.

Do I have to get undressed?

Most of the work done in the initial CARE Approach© sessions is done with the body fully clothed. There are two reasons I choose to work in this manner. First, allowing touch on the body is oftentimes difficult for individuals who have been in pain, and adding the element of vulnerability by having their clothing off causes more tension than relief. Second, the work we do in those initial sessions involves moving the body to achieve positions of release and that is best done without having to wrestle with sheets and blankets to keep everything covered up. Many of my clients have never had a session without being fully clothed.

Of course, when receiving a Relaxation or Cervical Tissue Massage session, you will be asked to disrobe while I step out of the cottage and will position yourself comfortably on a warmed surface and cover yourself with the provided sheets and blanket. While you can begin to relax and melt into the experience, breathing in the soft aromas and listening to the soft music, i will prepare your specific lotion if we have arranged for that, and return to the cottage to begin your massage work.

Will my insurance cover this type of therapy?

Not usually. I have chosen to keep my rates reasonable and make my work accessible to many. Often what you would pay in co-pays and deductibles for several visits to other practitioners with few results ends up more that what you end up paying for one or two visits with really great results! You may be able to get reimbursement from your HSA or Medical Savings account.  I am also willing to discuss payment arrangements in hardship situations. Please contact me if cost is the main issue that keeps you from receiving relief and getting back to your life.  I have several programs that keep you in shape and reduce the cost of ‘per visit’ charges significantly.

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